Getting F*ing Drill on Ambari

Jan. 2, 2020

Read time: 12 minutes

Drill is a fun query layer that is VERY easy to use but also NOT the easiest thing to set up in an Ambari environment.

In fact it took me quite a few tries and some very small changes to get to the end game. The following worked in my specific environment, Ambari 2.65.

I hope it works for you, so give 'er a go...

Login to your Ambari SSH client and sign in as root:

su root First you (obviously) need to get Apache Drill...

wget ... this is NOT the latest version, but its the only version I got working, feel free to try out others, you can see the full list here: You know how these things go; nothing ever works with anything else. You may have to experiment...

Once you've got this downloaded simply unpack it ...

tar -xvf apache-drill-1.12.0.tar.gz Then cd into the created directory and run the installer ...

bin/ start -Ddrill.exec.http.port=8086 ... however this is the rub; this port number (8086) is the one that worked for me. This is not the one originally suggested to me. I would suggest trying it first but if it doesn't work don't disregard the chance that the port number might be your only problem. Google it.

If all of this actually works then you can open a browser, at your Ambari local http site, with that new port number, for example: This is now the pretty cool part because you'll get a fairly decent looking UI for experimenting with Drill.

Drill is fast and simple; SQL queries that you can use on any database and even ACROSS different types of databases. For example you can actually perform JOINS between your Drill data and HBase, or any other datasource you may have.

Lemme know if you get this working with different parameter settings/methods/etc... I'd love to add them to this post.


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